Werner & Mertz is one of the "Most Attractive Employers in Mainz".

19 Oct 2020 - Mainz - Company-News

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Our company got high marks in a large employee survey and came out ahead where attractiveness is concerned! The list of the "Most Attractive Employers of the City 2020" is based on a large-scale online access panel survey completed by about 13,600 employees in March 2020.
In this type of survey, the panel is made up of Internet users who have agreed to participate in online questionnaires.

The survey experts wrote to us: "Especially at this time, the designation is special recognition of outstanding personnel work and employee management. Your employees and colleagues appreciate your efforts and therefore have given you a very positive evaluation."

This year marks the second time the business magazine Capital and the statistics portal Statista have honored companies actively engaged in for-profit and non-profit purposes for their social responsibility to their own employees and business partners.

What was asked in the survey?

Besides learning about the satisfaction of their own employees, companies are interested in knowing how they are viewed as employers from the outside. Survey results reflect the perception of parties targeted by personnel marketing and general marketing, i.e., potential employees, local customers and suppliers and the general population in and around the business location.

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According to this logic, three perspectives are captured:

1. "View from outside": General assessment of employers in survey takers' city

In each city, participants could judge the attractiveness as an employer for any company located in the same sector or industry as the survey takers. It was left up to the participants to assess as many companies as they wanted to or to submit no assessment at all. This particular evaluation channel yielded more than 782,000 indirect judgments which, taken together, reflect the perception of the company by the populace of the respective city or region.

2. "View from the sector or industry": Detailed assessment of employees from the same sector for employers in their city which were well-known to them.

Survey takers were asked in which sector they work. In the next step they were given local companies from that sector and asked to give a detailed assessment for up to 10 companies which they said they "knew particularly well". Survey participants had the option of adding other companies to the list. They were then asked to assess the selected companies according to the following six criteria:

  • Company's image as an employer in the region
  • Social responsibility toward own employees and suppliers
  • Company's local engagement in charitable causes in the region
  • Active influence in company's business location
  • Offer of personal development and career opportunities
  • Recommendation of company as an employer

3. "View of company's own employees": Detailed assessment of employers by their own employees. The surveyed employees had the option of assessing their employers according to the criteria listed above.

The scale of the assessments went from 1 = "does not apply at all" to 5 = "applies completely".

You'll find a listing of the most attractive employers, including Werner & Mertz, here: ยป https://www.capital.de/karriere/attraktivste-arbeitgeber with the filter set to "Mainz".

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