Frosch chosen by consumers as the most sustainable brand!

12 Mar 2021 - Mainz - Company-News

Consumers have decided – the Frosch brand is the "Most Purposeful Brand" 2021! That was the result of the brand value ranking "BrandZ Top 50 Germany" from Kantar. For the fourth time in a row, the international marketing consultancy has published the ranking of the 50 most valuable German brands and this year conferred a special award on the Frosch brand from the manufacturer Werner & Mertz for its integrally sustainable orientation.

"The Mainz manufacturer of sustainable household cleaning products provides a positive ecological benefit with its product palette. The sustainability concept extends beyond the product formulas to packaging design and the company's overall environmental management. For these reasons, the brand, as a bio pioneer since 1986, enjoys tremendous trust among consumers," Kantar said about its award winner.

"This type of recognition from the consumers is very special. The Frosch brand has come to represent an attitude and approach that we put into practice throughout the company. That's why the award is internal stimulus too," said Werner & Mertz owner Reinhard Schneider.

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Trust is an important factor

The analysis for the BrandZ ranking shows that brands considered particularly trustworthy and responsible by consumers have some decisive characteristics: honesty and openness, respect and engagement, identifying with customers and maintaining good customer relationships. All these traits have proven to be especially important in building consumer trust and security, according to Kantar.

Recycled packaging and environmentally friendly ingredients

That the Frosch brand has long enjoyed a high level of trust among consumers is attributed to the long-term environmental and climate protection initiatives from Werner & Mertz, which extend way beyond products and its own industry. Two examples are the Recyclate Initiative for the use of packaging made from used plastic and the initiative for surfactants made from plants cultivated in Europe. In both areas the company recently announced pioneering achievements:

In the Recyclate Initiative, Werner & Mertz, together with its cooperation partner Alpla, increased the share of material obtained from the Yellow Bag from 20% to 50% for its PET bottles, which are already made of 100% recyclate. That's a quantum leap for the circular economy and a unique development – not only for the detergents, soaps and household cleaning products industry. The first 200,000 bottles will enter the retail market this month. Furthermore, effective immediately, fabric softeners from Frosch are not just hypoallergenic and free of dyes and microplastic, but are made with surfactants of 100% sunflower and rapeseed oils from plants cultivated in Europe. They are packaged in the world's first high-quality recycled stand-up pouch, which Werner & Mertz launched with its cooperation partner Mondi in 2019.

"We are in the process of putting together the 'sustainability puzzle' and are delving into all areas in our efforts. That's the only way to ensure integral sustainability," said Schneider.

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