Frosch brand is "Most Trusted Brand" for the 20th time in a row!

1 Apr 2021 - Mainz - Company-News

The brand from the manufacturing company Werner & Mertz also was mentioned most frequently in the Sustainability and Environmental Protection categories

In Mainz an anniversary is being celebrated. For the 20th consecutive time, respondents to the annual Trusted Brand Study by Reader's Digest expressed the greatest trust for the Frosch brand in the category household cleaners! Among the 130 brands named, the well-known eco brand from the family-run company Werner & Mertz of Mainz came out well ahead of the competitors and once again earned the title "Most Trusted Brand". Thirty-seven percent of the respondents said they would recommend the Frosch brand to family and friends.

Frosch was also the most frequently mentioned brand across all industries in the performance category "Sustainability and Environmental Protection" and finished better than Alnatura and Tesla, among others.

According to study results, the corona pandemic put a damper on consumers' shopping, but one in five said that during the crisis he/she turned more readily to well-known, trusted brands and products than before. Sustainable brands like Frosch, said Reader's Digest, are high up in the consumer's favor:

"The annual studies in our 20-year-old Trusted Brands initiative show that the search for meaning and sustainability are taking on a broader role in consumer behavior," said Andreas Schröder, Managing Director of Reader’s Digest Deutschland. "With regard to buying impulses, research indicates that trust is contagious and has an immediate effect on where and how much money consumers invest. Companies should act reliably according their declared values and principles. That builds trust. Such conduct distinguishes a Trusted Brand and confirms that a company keeps its promises."

Copyright Graphic: Werner & Mertz Source: Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2021 Deutschland

Focus on climate and environmental protection

Since its founding 35 years ago, the Frosch brand has stood for ecological and high-performance cleaning products. With its environmental and climate protection initiatives, the brand's manufacturer Werner & Mertz sets new standards for ecological feasibility.

Since 2014 the PET bottles for the Frosch brand have been made of 100% used plastic, 20% of which comes from the Yellow Bag and 80% from the European bottle collection system. Recently the company increased the share of material from the Yellow Bag from 20% to 50% -- something that was previously impossible and is now recognized as unique in Germany. The first 200,000 bottles for Frosch brand products have already entered the retail market.

Furthermore, the company promotes the use of surfactants made from plants grown in Europe. This particular initiative encourages the cultivation of traditional plants while supporting native species diversity and avoiding monocultures. Shorter transport routes than those required for raw materials from the tropics spare the climate from harmful CO2. The latest success reported by Werner & Mertz is the immediate conversion of Frosch brand fabric softeners to surfactants made of 100% vegetable oils from rapeseed and sunflowers grown in Europe.

"Since the launch of the Frosch brand, we have repeatedly shown what integral sustainability means. That is, we approach packaging and ingredients as a pioneer and single-mindedly implement our environmental goals instead of getting bogged down in empty announcements. The fact that consumers honor our engagement with so much trust is a great motivation for us," says Werner & Mertz owner Reinhard Schneider.

About the Trusted Brands Study:

Reader’s Digest initiated the Trusted Brands Study in 2001 and since then has ascertained the brand trust of German customers every year. The study is unique in that consumers name the brands without any prompts, that is, they are not given a list from which to choose. The consumers alone say which brands they trust most.For the online study conducted in January 2021, the magazine asked 4,000 adult consumers who represent a cross-section of the population (18 years and older) in Germany about their relationship to the brands. Respondents named 3,500 different brands in 21 product categories and seven performance categories.
With a paid circulation of more than 200,000, Reader’s Digest is one of the top best-selling monthly magazines in Germany with a readership of 1.4 million.

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