Sustainable Circularity in the Region – New Frosch Eco Innovation

19 Apr 2021 - Hallein - Brand Frosch

Effective immediately, the formulas for ecological Frosch cleaners include a new wood-based acetic acid obtained from a biorefinery in Austria. The novel sustainable acetic acid made from wood fits seamlessly into the circular philosophy of the Frosch brand.

The eco brand Frosch is adding a new plant-based raw material – sustainable acetic acid from certified wood – to its wash-active substances made from rapeseed, olive, sunflower and linseed oils.

The sustainable acetic acid for the popular Frosch vinegar cleaner comes from an innovative biorefinery. The technology used converts wood into cellulose, energy and bio-based refinery products, one of which is wood-based acetic acid. This material has a CO2 footprint that is 85 percent smaller than conventional fossil-based acetic acid.

"Our corporate activity is always oriented toward sustainability," said Managing Director Franz Studener about the innovation. The wood-based acetic acid fits the Cradle-to-Cradle® philosophy the Frosch brand follows. "We take the wood-based acetic acid, which occurs as a by-product, and put it to high-quality use in our products. That's how we make the best possible use of natural and regional raw materials in our highly biodegradable Frosch cleaners," Studener said.

The wood used in the production of acetic acid comes from controlled, sustainable forestry, mostly from Austria and neighboring regions. The production site is just a one-hour drive from Werner & Mertz in Hallein.

The Frosch vinegar cleaner strikes an ideal balance between powerful cleaning and gentle care. Vinegar is appreciated for its limescale dissolving properties. The acetic acid from wood combines the material's original characteristics with sustainable benefits for the environment, people and Nature. In addition, the bottle for the Frosch vinegar cleaner is produced with up to 100% used plastic, also known as "recyclate". It's a product designed with the circular economy in mind.

With the Recyclate Initiative for packaging and the initiative "Ingredients from European cultivation", Frosch products are leading the way with pioneering work in sustainability.

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