A classic cleaner for kitchen and bath

11 Feb 2021 - Mainz - Brand Frosch

Effective removal of limescale and grease? The new Frosch classic scouring cream puts its powerful green formula to work on hard-to-remove dirt and lime deposits.

Traces of chalky deposits appear on kitchen and bath fixtures every day. In the cooking area, splatters of grease from frying and baking find their way onto the stovetop, counters and backsplashes. A popular tried-and-tested cleaning aid is scouring cream. According to consumer surveys, it is put to use about once a week, making it the most frequently used household cleaner (1). Frosch now has added a new formula variant to its product portfolio with the "Classic" cream scouring cleaner. The green power pack with very fine marble powder and a pleasantly fresh scent effectively and gently cleans away nerve-racking grime.

Environmentally compatible, effective, gentle

The Frosch Classic scouring cream with natural marble powder is a multi-talent in housework. It combines cleaning power with high material and environmental compatibility. The formula's DNA is made up of natural ingredients and grease-dissolving surfactants made from European rapeseed. The microplastic-free cleaner uses microfine marble powder without sharp-edged particles to effectively clean all kinds of surfaces with a soft sanding. An environmental plus: as a natural product, the harmless stone powder can be put back into the environment. The Frosch Classic scouring cream is suitable for use on ceramic, enamel, stainless steel, glass and electro and glass-ceramic cooking surfaces. The radiant results are accompanied by a pleasantly fresh scent – the finishing touch on cleanliness that makes you feel good.

The 500-ml product bottle is made of 100% recycled PET (except for the bottle cap). Frosch thus fulfills the highest requirements for environmental compatibility with its packaging too.

Hygiene and value preservation

A quick cleaning in between routine tasks in the kitchen is part of hygiene basics. Ideally, we would make sure that little puddles of water don't remain on ceramic fixtures or mineral surfaces after we've washed our hands, brushed our teeth or taken a shower. A thorough cleaning of fixtures and surfaces once a week and maintaining them over the long term is not just a question of proper hygiene, but also of value preservation.

(1) Source: External concept test, Jan 2020, n=284 women aged 20-69 years who used scouring cream at least once a month.

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