First animated film about mechanical recycling vs. chemical recovery!

1 Jun 2021 - Mainz - Company-News

Shower gel bottle "Recy" tells "Chemy" what the real circular economy is all about

Again and again, so-called chemical recycling is presented in iridescent colors and fantastic futuristic scenarios as the most effective way to reduce the negative effects of plastic on the environment and climate. A process that some claim goes way beyond what mechanical recycling can do. There's no valid scientific proof for that claim, but plenty of marketing promises from big players in the oil and plastic industries and some in the packaging industry.

Stepping up to counter those promises is Werner & Mertz, which more than any other company stands for the successful implementation of mechanical recycling and also holds the world record in the use of high-quality processed plastic from the Yellow Bag. In its latest move, the Mainz manufacturer today is releasing the first animated film that shows with unprecedented clarity the difference between mechanical recycling and chemical processing.

"Instead of lecturing, here we explain genuine recycling with big wide eyes and a gentle manner. But our message is tough – chemical processing has absolutely nothing to do with recycling!" says the company.

The Frosch shower gel bottle "Recy" with long-lashed googly eyes gently explains to "Chemy" what recycling really is. Photo Copyright: Werner & Mertz

"Chemy" thinks chemical recovery is scary – and he's right!

"Chemy", a bright red shower gel bottle of mixed plastics, is anxious and bad-tempered in the film because the poor guy fears another excursion to the chemical factory, where he is to be "chemically recycled". He tells "Recy" of his past experiences there. First a gruesome bath awaits him that leaves behind polluting residues. Then Chemy is heated up, melted and reduced to his basic material – all so that just one little drop of oil can be pressed out of what's left of Chemy in the end. The film clearly shows that 10 plastic bottles go into the recycling plant and after several energy-consuming processing steps, only one plastic bottle at most comes out. On top of that, the process also generates toxic byproducts and emissions.

In a highly » critical current study seven renowned environmental associations examine the negative effects of the so-called chemical recycling of plastics.

True recycling looks completely different

Recy, a cheerful shower gel bottle from Frosch made of 100% used plastic from the Yellow Bag, is bewildered. That's what you call "recycling"?! She calmly and kindly tells Chemy about her experience in mechanical recycling, which she compares to a visit at a wellness spa. First, she is bathed, then tickled, transformed into radiant flakes and again made into a new bottle. At the end, she looks like she has fallen into the Fountain of Youth. So the bottom line for mechanical recycling is: 10 used plastic bottles go into the recycling plant and 10 new ones come out. That is true recycling in the spirit of a climate-friendly circular economy.

How Chemy – despite his bright red color – finds a way to benefit from mechanical recycling is revealed at the end of the film.

Major social media campaign built around the video

In a major campaign, the just-under five-minute video is played on all the usual social media channels. The objective is to show consumers that chemical processing does not really deliver what it promises.

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