First digital training days at the "Mainz Frosch"

31 May 2021 - Mainz - Company-News

Students and their parents learn all about starting a career at Werner & Mertz in 2022

Corona is making things hard for would-be trainees these days. Job fairs are being cancelled, practicum offers are becoming rare and some businesses are even putting a freeze on training. But not at Werner & Mertz! The Mainz-based cleaning products manufacturer with the ecological Frosch brand still puts a high priority on job training. To present the training opportunities for the coming year, the company is putting on its first digital training days, starting today. For the next two weeks (31 May to 13 June) interested students and their parents can immerse themselves in the training world at Werner & Mertz by visiting the Website

First Week: Introduction of occupations via video and a virtual tour

Right from the start, there's plenty for the virtual visitor to discover. Each of the jobs requiring training will be presented in detail in a video. In short filmed interviews, trainees talk about their normal workdays and explain why they decided in favor of training with the "Mainz Frosch". Because an on-site visit is not possible at this time, a virtual tour through administration, production and the warehouse is offered on the Website.

Second Week: Live talk with trainers and chats with current trainees

What should I wear to an interview? When will I be allowed to drive the forklift? And where will I go to vocational school? In the second week all these questions will be answered. Students will have the chance to get to know trainers "personally" during live talks from 7 to 11 June. In the same week trainers and current trainees will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in a chat room to share information about training. Parents will be offered separate times for talks.

Application portal for 2022 vocational training now open

Effective immediately, interested persons can apply for 2022 at: »

The six training occupations offered in the coming year are:

  • warehouse clerk
  • logistics specialist
  • industrial clerk
  • industrial mechanic
  • mechatronics technician
  • chemical production specialist

Training begins on 1 August 2022. The Mainz-based family company has a total of 15 training positions to fill for the coming year.

Link to digital training portal: »

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