Frosch is "Brand of the Year" in the Laundry & Cleaning category!

25-Nov-2021 - Company-News

The medium-sized family company Werner & Mertz prevails over major players like Procter & Gamble and Henkel.

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Wintertime Mood Enhancer

06-Oct-2021 - Brand Frosch

It's here again! Frosch Oase Cinnamon-Apple is back in the line up, ready to lend an atmosphere of quiet reflection to rooms throughout the winter.

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Wellness for body and soul

04-Oct-2021 - Brand Frosch

Frosch Senses flirted with macadamia and a light vanilla scent and came up with a near-natural Frosch shower gel to pamper you with creamy care and warm aroma throughout the winter.

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Gold status: Siegwerk makes important contribution to recyclable stand-up pouches from Werner & Mertz with innovative ink technology

29-Sep-2021 - Company-News

With the development of an innovative ink system for the world's first completely circular-economy-capable stand-up pouch, Siegwerk demonstrates its important role in the value chain. The technology will be used at Werner & Mertz in the future.

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TRIGOS 2021 Honorary Award presented to Reinhard Schneider

20-Sep-2021 - Company-News

This year the TRIGOS honorary award goes to Reinhard Schneider, Managing director and owner of Werner & Mertz, for his comprehensive sustainability management and his special engagement in the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

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Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold for Recyclable Stand-up Pouch!

17-Aug-2021 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz and Mondi cooperate in global pioneering project to achieve a true circular economy

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Hands as soft as peach skin

29-Jul-2021 - Brand Frosch

Gentle hand washing and a scent to love in the new sensitive soap variant "Peach Blossom" launched by Frosch Reine Pflege.

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German Packaging Award for quantum leap in recycling!

29-Jul-2021 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz receives award for its rPET bottles with a 50% share from the Yellow Bag

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Makeover for Frosch toilet deodorizer: new sub-brand, new look, new scents

27-Jul-2021 - Brand Frosch

Raspberry, lime, white tea are the new Frosch Home toilet deodorizers with green cleaning power and fresh, summery scents.

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Werner & Mertz donates cleaning products and disinfectants

22-Jul-2021 - Company-News

Support for the people in the flood area

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There's no shortcut to sustainability!

20-Jul-2021 - Company-News

Reinhard Schneider (Werner & Mertz) and Daniel Merdes (BOS Deutschland) talk about climate neutrality as a presumed remedy

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Study shows: Dramatic loss of trust in brands around the world!

15-Jul-2021 - Company-News

Frosch manufacturer warns that opportunistic, dubious marketing can do lasting damage to environmental protection efforts

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The Professional division of Werner & Mertz, Tana-Chemie GmbH, receives the highest rating from EcoVadis

08-Jul-2021 - Tana-Chemie

That designation places Tana-Chemie among the most sustainable companies in the world

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Werner & Mertz and ALPLA expands cooperation

28-Jun-2021 - Company-News

New ALPLA CEO Philipp Lehner visits Werner & Mertz site in Mainz

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Surfactants from regional vegetable oils in sustainable household & personal care products

22-Jun-2021 - Company-News

Meyer-Galow Prize for Business Chemistry 2020 goes to Edgar Endlein

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Everything's Green

10-Jun-2021 - Brand Frosch

New ideas, fresh impetus: The Frosch way to climate protection is to think of cycles. Nature shows us how they work!

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First animated film about mechanical recycling vs. chemical recovery!

01-Jun-2021 - Company-News

Shower gel bottle "Recy" tells "Chemy" what the real circular economy is all about

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First digital training days at the "Mainz Frosch"

31-May-2021 - Company-News

Students and their parents learn all about starting a career at Werner & Mertz in 2022

» more

Satire and Superheroes vs. Pyrolysis and Plastic Litter

17-May-2021 - Company-News

Another viral video from Werner & Mertz with Hannes Jaenicke in the leading role

» more

Consumers deceived with recycled packaging!

04-May-2021 - Company-News

The reality is that used plastic from the Yellow Bag is hardly used

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Sustainable Circularity in the Region – New Frosch Eco Innovation

19-Apr-2021 - Brand Frosch

Effective immediately, the formulas for ecological Frosch cleaners include a new wood-based acetic acid obtained from a biorefinery in Austria.

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Frosch brand is "Most Trusted Brand" for the 20th time in a row!

01-Apr-2021 - Company-News

The brand from the manufacturing company Werner & Mertz also was mentioned most frequently in the Sustainability and Environmental Protection categories

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Study shows that recyclates can be used in cosmetic packaging

29-Mar-2021 - Company-News

Joint research work by Beiersdorf, Werner & Mertz and Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging

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At 100%: The new generation of fabric softeners from Frosch

23-Mar-2021 - Brand Frosch

An integral approach to sustainability leads to products like the new fabric softeners from Frosch – environmentally friendly, climate protecting, European and recyclable.

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Frosch chosen by consumers as the most sustainable brand!

12-Mar-2021 - Company-News

Consumers have decided – the Frosch brand is the "Most Purposeful Brand" 2021! That was the result of the brand value ranking "BrandZ Top 50 Germany" from Kantar.

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GfK: Successful Brands in Times of COVID-19

10-Mar-2021 - Company-News

It pays to have a clear position

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Werner & Mertz makes a quantum leap in recycling

17-Feb-2021 - Company-News

Cleaning products manufacturer increases rPET share in its bottles to 50% from Yellow Bag

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A classic cleaner for kitchen and bath

11-Feb-2021 - Brand Frosch

Effective removal of limescale and grease? The new Frosch classic scouring cream puts its powerful green formula to work on hard-to-remove dirt and lime deposits.

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The Smoking Gun of Chemical Recycling

14-Dec-2020 - Company-News

Study exposes the plastic lobby's "chem-cycling" fairy tale

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Integral Sustainability prevails

20-Oct-2020 - Company-News

Tana-Chemie GmbH and WISAG kick off extensive cooperative effort

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Werner & Mertz is one of the "Most Attractive Employers in Mainz".

19-Oct-2020 - Company-News

Our company got high marks in a large employee survey and came out ahead where attractiveness is concerned!

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German Design Award for stand-up pouch from Frosch

06-Oct-2020 - Company-News

Sustainable packaging solution convinces experts with its design

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Another milestone in the use of sustainable printing inks

08-Sep-2020 - Company-News

Flexographic printing ink system for flexible sheets receives Material Health Certification GOLD from Cradle to Cradle Certified™

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No preferential tax treatment for production waste!

02-Sep-2020 - Company-News

The Green Dot, cleaning products manufacturer Werner & Mertz and NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union) demand a uniform definition for plastic recyclates

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Recycling management pioneer and cosmetics group cooperate

09-Jul-2020 - Company-News

Beiersdorf and Werner & Mertz developed a standard concept for cosmetic packaging made of old plastic with the support of Fraunhofer IVV

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Mission Possible: Environmental Award Winner and TV Star join forces

29-Jun-2020 - Company-News

Reinhard Schneider and Hannes Jaenicke take on greenwashing and plastic lobbyists with attention-getting actions and viral spots

» more

Is this the end of high-quality plastic recycling?

22-Jun-2020 - Company-News

The Green Dot, Werner & Mertz and the German Association for the Waste, Water and Raw Materials Industries demand financial incentives and commitment from government

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Werner & Mertz donates to the Tafel centers throughout Germany

10-Jun-2020 - Company-News

Providing products urgently needed during the crisis / regional aid is important

» more

After the corona crisis will things be as they were before?

03-Jun-2020 - Company-News

Appeal from German Environmental Award winner Reinhard Schneider for a sustainable transformation instead of retro liberalism in post-corona era

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Frosch receives prestigious Brand Award for its sustainability strategy!

02-Jun-2020 - Company-News

Clean Oceans campaign for packaging made of used plastic convinces jury

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Frosch brand expands its lead in consumer trust

06-May-2020 - Company-News

The integrally sustainable orientation of owner and German Environmental Award winner Reinhard Schneider builds consumer trust

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Thomas Ulbricht is new Head of Professional Division at Werner & Mertz

16-Apr-2020 - Company-News

As of 1 April 2020, Thomas Ulbricht is the new head of the Professional Division at Werner &Mertz with headquarters in Mainz.

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Werner & Mertz provides its region with disinfectant

15-Apr-2020 - Company-News

In a very short time Werner & Mertz developed a new formula using readily available raw materials.

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GfK: Manufacturers need a holistic sustainability strategy!

27-Feb-2020 - Company-News

Approximately 70 percent of Germans want to lead a sustainable lifestyle that starts with their buying behavior.

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Worldwide Acclaim for Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Principle

14-Feb-2020 - Company-News

Patented stand-up pouch receives prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award 2020

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Markus Häfner is the new managing director of tana-Chemie GmbH

10-Jan-2020 - Company-News

Predecessor Werner Schulze looks forward to retirement

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100,000 trees for genuine climate protection

18-Dec-2019 - Company-News

Environmental Award winner donates 250,000 € to BOS Deutschland e.V. for reforestation of peatland rainforest

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Packaging Act: Recycling rates will fall short of goals. Now what?

15-Nov-2019 - Company-News

Environmental Award winner Reinhard Schneider vents his anger.

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German Packaging Award goes twice to Recyclate Initiative Projects

26-Sep-2019 - Company-News

Mainz cleaning products manufacturer Werner & Mertz wins in the Sustainability and New Material categories

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German Environmental Award 2019: Personal Honor for Reinhard Schneider

13-Sep-2019 - Company-News

Ecological products made available to the majority of consumers.

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BIM: Advice from contemporaries

26-Aug-2019 - Company-News

Trainees from Werner & Mertz tell peers about their training

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Used plastic: Genuine only with RAL Quality Mark!

22-Aug-2019 - Company-News

Founding member Werner & Mertz has its packaging certified

» more

Trainees show the way to sustainability

05-Jul-2019 - Company-News

Stemming the flood of plastic in the oceans: Trainees from Werner & Mertz and Edeka Scheck-in join forces for the Week of Sustainability

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Trust in the Frosch brand is higher than ever

31-May-2019 - Company-News

Consumers appreciate credible solutions to environmental protection

» more

Largest single investment in the history of Werner & Mertz

23-May-2019 - Company-News

New production building is a clear commitment to Mainz

» more

Global innovation in cosmetics!

30-Apr-2019 - Company-News

First packaging of 100% Post Consumer Recyclates from the Yellow Bag

» more

Working for clean oceans – Keep plastic in a closed loop

25-Apr-2019 - Company-News

Recyclate Initiative at PLMA trade show in Amsterdam

» more

Werner & Mertz belongs to the "Entrepreneurs For Future"

12-Apr-2019 - Company-News

The family-owned company based in Mainz joins sustainable economy initiative for environmental and climate protection

» more

Worldwide innovation in the spotlight

08-Apr-2019 - Company-News

Working together to change the future: Werner & Mertz and Mondi present their successful cooperation aimed at reducing packaging trash

» more

A heart for technical trades

29-Mar-2019 - Company-News

Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz: 13 girls try out jobs in the training workshop

» more

For the first time from the Yellow Bag: Basket for toilet freshener!

01-Mar-2019 - Company-News

Cooperation project made possible development of basket from recycled PET trays

» more

Packaging counts too: practical circular economy in household cleaning

22-Feb-2019 - Company-News

Sustainable washing, cleaning, recycling: Werner & Mertz presents recycling solutions and challenges in the Akteurs-Workshop at Forum Waschen.

» more

Burn-out or Champion? Brands at a crossroads

19-Feb-2019 - Company-News

GfK study confirms measurable erosion of trust in many brands

» more

Allies from organics industry sought for sustainable plastic packaging

18-Feb-2019 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz declares support for packaging of 100 percent used plastic at Biofach

» more

Reinhard Schneider in conversation with the German magazine SPIEGEL: Use plastic waste sensibly

25-Jan-2019 - Company-News

The magazine „SPIEGEL“ has addressed the topic “Yellow Bag” in its latest lead story. In this context, Reinhard Schneider, owner of the company Werner & Mertz and initiator of the Frosch Recyclat-Initiative, gave the magazine SPIEGEL an interview.

» more

The Greens visit the green frog

18-Jan-2019 - Company-News

Federal Chairman of the Green Party Robert Habeck is guest at Werner & Mertz

» more

The new packaging law has imminent risks

18-Dec-2018 - Company-News

In an open letter to the chairpersons of the leading political parties, Reinhard Schneider, owner of Werner & Mertz, demands that incentivization for recyclates from household waste collection be clarified in the new packaging law and warns of potential undermining of the circular economy.

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PackTheFuture Award for Frosch Caps

10-Dec-2018 - Company-News

Recyclate Initiative wins the PackTheFuture Award for innovative caps made of 100% recycled polypropylene from the Yellow Bag

» more

Sustainable Cleaners for the Mainz Tafel

28-Nov-2018 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz donates to Mainzer Tafel e.V. – Start of national autumn donation drive

» more

Already a step ahead of environmental guidelines

26-Nov-2018 - Company-News

Reinhard Schneider welcomes the five-point plan from Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze

» more

The right recycling to protect our oceans!

02-Nov-2018 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz signs global commitment to the new plastics economy / Savings of 79 percent CO2 with packaging made of used plastic!

» more

We have to talk!

12-Oct-2018 - Company-News

No deception with plastic recycling: Frosch takes to the air for consumers

» more

Think cycles, use cycles

17-Sep-2018 - Company-News

Cradle to Cradle® Congress in Lüneburg: Recyclate Initiative presented to international audience

» more

Readjustments to Procurement Law

13-Sep-2018 - Company-News

At the FAIR FRIENDS trade fair Werner Schulze, managing director of tana-Chemie GmbH, advocated directives for the purchase of sustainable cleaning products by municipalities and public institutions. At the Symposium for Sustainable Procurement, he challenged the way the public sector now awards contracts.

» more

Mondi flexible packaging “leapfrogs” ahead in the recycling game

10-Sep-2018 - Company-News

Mondi and Werner & Mertz are ready to release new, 100-percent recyclable pouch made of polyethylene

» more

The Inside Story on "Frosch" Training

27-Aug-2018 - Company-News

BIM Rheinhessen: Werner & Mertz trainees advise their peers

» more

Werner & Mertz remains EMAS-certified

08-Aug-2018 - Company-News

Production sites in Mainz and Hallein pass audit with no deviations / 15-year sustainability success story

» more

New trainees start at Werner & Mertz

01-Aug-2018 - Company-News

The family-run company in Mainz welcomes 13 new trainees during introductory week

» more

"Your Day for Africa" – Werner & Mertz works for a good cause

19-Jun-2018 - Company-News

13 young people work in Mainz family-run business for their contemporaries in Africa / VIP support from Minister President Malu Dreyer

» more

"Your Day for Africa" – Malu Dreyer lends a hand at Werner & Mertz

14-Jun-2018 - Company-News

On 19 June teenagers work at family-run manufacturing company in Mainz for a good cause / Factory outlet opens early at 8 a.m.

» more

Werner & Mertz presents career opportunities

11-Jun-2018 - Company-News

150 visitors on Training Day at the Mainz family-run company

» more

"Aktion Grün" meets the Recyclate Initiative

05-Jun-2018 - Company-News

World Environment Day: Rhineland-Palatinate Minister for Environment Ulrike Höfken visits Werner & Mertz

» more

Recyclate-Initiative at PLMA trade show in Amsterdam

16-May-2018 - Company-News

Recycling of plastic packaging: ECC GmbH (Werner & Mertz Group) gives with ALPLA and The Green Dot insights into the award-winning Recyclate-Initiative

» more

WorldStar Packaging Award for the Recyclate Initiative

03-May-2018 - Company-News

Awards ceremony in Australia – Worldwide success for joint pioneering achievement by Werner & Mertz and ALPLA

» more

Girls' Day at Frosch

27-Apr-2018 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz motivates girls to consider technical jobs

» more

Recyclate Initiative wins Plastics Recycling Award Europe

25-Apr-2018 - Company-News

Success for Werner & Mertz and The Green Dot: Emsal bottles of premium HDPE Recyclates are named the "Recycled Plastic Packaging Product of the Year"

» more

A visit to red and green Frosch in Hallein

05-Apr-2018 - Company-News

27 trainees from Werner & Mertz in Mainz visited the production site in Austria

» more

tana-Chemie reaches a milestone in packaging development

05-Apr-2018 - Company-News

Since 2015 the Professional Division of the Werner & Mertz Group has delivered more than 4.3 million rHDPE packaging units made of recycled plastic from the Yellow Bag as part of the corporate Recyclate Initiative.

» more

Frosch is Most Trusted Brand 2018

15-Mar-2018 - Company-News

For the 17th time the Reader's Digest customer survey confirms consumer trust in Frosch

» more

Top Management Change at Erdal-Rex

09-Jan-2018 - Company-News

René Bowitz takes over management of Erdal-Rex GmbH

» more

Global Success for Bottles of 100 Percent HDPE Recyclates

21-Dec-2017 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz and ALPLA receive WorldStar Packaging Award

» more

A chance to try out and find out on Technology Day

22-Nov-2017 - Company-News

Technical trainees from Werner & Mertz present their occupations at hands-on station for pupils and students

» more

Recyclate Initiative receives German Packaging Award for Sustainable Caps

27-Sep-2017 - Company-News

For the second year in a row, Werner & Mertz received the German Packaging Award in the New Material category for its innovative caps made of 100 percent rPP obtained from the Yellow Bag post-consumer collection system.

» more

Vocational training info complete with entertainment

28-Aug-2017 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz trainees inform and engage visitors to BIM Rheinhessen

» more

Sustainable Caps: German Packaging Award for Werner & Mertz

21-Aug-2017 - Company-News

Recyclate Initiative receives the German Packaging Award for recyclate closures made of 100 percent rPP for Frosch cleaner / Wins award two years in a row

» more

150 Years under the Sign of the Frog

18-Aug-2017 - Company-News

Family-run Werner & Mertz looks back over four generations / Big employee celebration in the Mainz Staatstheater

» more

150 Years of Werner & Mertz: BVMW honors Reinhard Schneider

16-Aug-2017 - Company-News

Untiring engagement on behalf of the Mittelstand: BVMW names Reinhard Schneider an honorary senator

» more

Eleven new trainees kick off careers at Werner & Mertz

07-Aug-2017 - Company-News

Mainz family-run company welcomes tomorrow’s skilled workers, from mechatronics technician to warehouse clerk.

» more

Training Day at Werner & Mertz

26-Jun-2017 - Company-News

Family-run company in Mainz presents career opportunities at its in-house Training Day

» more

“Your Day for Africa” at Werner & Mertz

20-Jun-2017 - Company-News

Teens work at Mainz family-owned company for a good cause

» more

Werner & Mertz supports international engagement

17-May-2017 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz presents the international B.A.U.M. Special Award to Christine von Weizsäcker and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands

» more

Meeting of Pioneers Generates New Ideas for Circular Economy

16-May-2017 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz and the Recyclate Initiative at Cradle to Cradle® Expert Talks in Vienna / Pioneering Achievement in Printing Ink Development receives MHC Certificate

» more

Recyclate Initiative: PackTheFuture Award for Sustainable Design

12-May-2017 - Company-News

Recyclate Initiative receives the PackTheFuture Award in the Ecodesign category for its innovative bottles made of 100% HDPE recyclates from the Yellow Bag collection system

» more

New Recyclate Caps for Frosch

05-May-2017 - Company-News

Recyclate Initiative develops caps for FROSCH products with 100 percent polypropylene (PP) from the Yellow Bag

» more

Sustainable Printing Inks Project

04-May-2017 - Company-News

Recyclate Initiative makes breakthrough in development of sustainable inks with Cradle-to-Cradle® Printing Inks Project

» more

Technical Vocations in the Spotlight: Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz

27-Apr-2017 - Company-News

Eleven girls mastered tasks in the Werner & Mertz training workshop.

» more

Packaging Law is a Step in the Right Direction

31-Mar-2017 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz welcomes Bundestag passage of new packaging legislation

» more

Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister and IHK visit Frosch

27-Mar-2017 - Company-News

IHK Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rhineland-Palatinate announces progress of trainee recruitment campaign "" in press briefing at Werner & Mertz

» more

Werner & Mertz – Committed to clean water around the world

22-Mar-2017 - Company-News

World Water Day on 22 March / Mainz family-run company donates 20,000 EUR for water projects in Ethiopia

» more

Sustained Cooperation Strengthened in.betrieb and Werner & Mertz sign services contract


When two Mainz companies with very high standards come together, only good can come of it. That was the case at the beginning of 2017 when Werner & Mertz awarded a services contract to in.betrieb gGmbH.

» more

The solution is on land: No plastic in the oceans

17-Mar-2017 - Company-News

With a best-practice example, Werner & Mertz presents effective plastic recycling by the Recyclate Initiative on an international stage in Brussels and Berlin.

» more

Project Sustainability 2017: Recyclate Initiative is involved

13-Mar-2017 - Company-News

Get consumers excited about sustainability – Sensory Communication brings to life the Recyclate Initiative from Werner & Mertz

» more

Frosch cleaner is ahead by a nose!


Brand or discount products? FROSCH Bio-Spirit Glass Cleaner is the victor in the WISO Test "Teuer oder Billig" ("Expensive or Cheap")

» more

Sustainability Pioneer Reduces Water Consumption at Mainz Site

27-Jan-2017 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz Publishes Sustainability Report / Optimizes Energy Management

» more

New Plastics Economy: Action Plan to Reduce Plastic in the World's Oceans

18-Jan-2017 - Company-News

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Publishes New Report "New Plastics Economy" for the World Economic Forum/Werner & Mertz Welcomes Commitment to Recycle More Plastic

» more

State Secretary Daniela Schmitt Visits Werner & Mertz


The State Secretary for Economic Affairs toured the high-rack warehouse and production lines and gained some new impressions of the environmental protection work being done by the Mainz-based eco pioneer.

» more

Drinking water for everyone – Werner & Mertz supports Viva con Agua with its Frosch brand

01-Dec-2016 - Company-News

Drinking water for everyone – Werner & Mertz supports

Viva con Agua with its Frosch brand

» more

Frosch has Germany's most sustainable products!


Mainz family-operated firm takes first three places in REWE consumer voting for Germany's most sustainable products.

» more

Consider cycles and prevent waste


Week of waste prevention: The Recyclate Initiative presents the active circular economy as the solution to many waste problems.

» more

Mainz Tafel is grateful for donated pallets


National donation campaign kicks off with 300 pallets of cleaning products

» more

Werner & Mertz offers a healthy alternative to the car


Werner & Mertz employees get going with the "JobRad"

» more

Award for Social Engagement

14-Oct-2016 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz again receives the Tafel Plate for its support of the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V.

» more

German Packaging Award in Gold to Werner & Mertz


Werner & Mertz receives the German Packaging Award in Gold for its innovative bottles of 100% HDPE recyclates from the Yellow Bag.

» more

Training Information Up Close and Personal

12-Sep-2016 - Company-News

BIM Rheinhessen: Vocational training offers from Werner & Mertz were in demand – Trainees present their occupations.

» more

Worldwide Innovation: Werner & Mertz debuts 100% HDPE Recyclates

19-Aug-2016 - Company-News

For the first time PE bottles of 100% recyclates from the Yellow Bag have been made for emsal floor care and green care PROFESSIONAL cleaner. This pioneering work has won the German Packaging Award.

» more

Werner & Mertz introduces itself to potential trainees


What can a young person one day become when he begins his career under the sign of the red frog? This question was answered at the Werner & Mertz in-house Training Day on the first weekend in June. More than 100 pupils from different types of schools took a close look at the six training-required occupations that the manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products is offering in 2017.

» more

World Oceans Day: Werner & Mertz fights for global environmental protection


B.A.U.M. Environmental Award winner Reinhard Schneider speaks at the invitation of NABU on the subject of protecting the world's oceans. "Trash in the Oceans" is a challenge for all societies.

» more

B.A.U.M. Environmental Award for Reinhard Schneider


Honors for Outstanding Engagement in Environmental Protection

Reinhard Schneider, CEO of Werner & Mertz and founder of the "Frosch Initiative", has received the B.A.U.M. Environmental Award in the category "Small and Medium-size Enterprises". Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks presented the award at a ceremony on the day before the opening of "Environmental Week" in Berlin.

» more

Werner & Mertz Professional presents active circular economy


Strong appearance of family-owned company from Mainz in the Forum “Circular Economy” at the ISSA/Interclean

» more

Werner & Mertz receives Amsterdam Innovation Award


tana-Chemie GmbH, representative of the Professional Division of the Werner & Mertz Group has been recognized with the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2016 for their cleaning system QUICK & EASY in the category “Equipment/tools for cleaning care and safety”.

» more

Werner & Mertz acts to prevent skilled labor shortage


Werner & Mertz has formed a training partnership with the Gustav-Stresemann Wirtschaftsschule (GSW). The coordinators assigned to put life into the Training Partnership Agreement are Katrin Schönbrodt and Monika Kindgen from Werner & Mertz GmbH and faculty members Christian Weichel and Dominique Glaß from GSW. With this initiative, the manufacturer of cleaning products, dishwashing and laundry detergents is working toward heading off a lack of skilled labor in scientific, technical and commercial occupations.

» more

Customers trust Frosch: Frosch is Most Trusted Brand 2016

11-Apr-2016 - Company-News

For the 15th consecutive time, the readers of Reader's Digest magazine have chosen the Frosch brand as the Most Trusted Brand among cleaning products in Germany

» more

World Water Day on 22 March: Water – a precious raw material at Werner & Mertz


The 23rd United Nations World Water Day is being observed on 22 March 2016. Organized by UN Water, the entity responsible for work on water and sanitation, World Water Day is intended to remind people around the world of how important and precious water is. Ensuring that drinking water from the tap remains a high-quality product requires sustainable and responsible handling of this resource. At Werner & Mertz, the Mainz-based manufacturer of detergent, care and cleaning products, sustainable management of water has been part of corporate philosophy from the start.

» more

ZEIT WISSEN Award "Encouraging Sustainability" for Werner & Mertz


The jury honors the company for its long-term commitment to sustainability. The Frosch Initiative effectively closes the gap between ecological knowledge and practical action.

» more

Spinning straw into gold

19-Feb-2016 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz is counting on a new type of organic ethanol and cooperating with the specialty chemicals firm Clariant.

» more

BIOFACH 2016: FROSCH and green care PROFESSIONAL bask in the glow of the Cradle to Cradle Award!


Werner & Mertz presented itself as a sustainability pioneer in the cleaning industry at BIOFACH 2016. The claim was backed by the international Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Award, which the Mainz-based company received for its exemplary product design, in New York last November. In granting the award, the jury concentrated on the well-known brands FROSCH and green care PROFESSIONAL and gave the products high marks in the "Material Health" category.

» more

The Focus is on Sustainable Labels, Pouch Materials and Printing Ink

11-Feb-2016 - Company-News

The Frosch Recyclate Initiative has set goals for effective plastic recycling in 2016. Werner & Mertz is encouraging its partners to work together on HDPE recyclates.

» more

"Unwrapping the package" – new ideas on the circular economy


Werner & Mertz Professional Team impresses an international audience with the Recyclate Initiative at a conference in the Netherlands.

» more

Plastic as Reusable Material vs. Trash in the Ocean


At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Ellen MacArthur-Stiftung explained a worldwide problem for which the Werner & Mertz Recyclate Initiative has developed concrete approaches.

» more

Regional Partners support Germany's Tafeln


Schmelzer delivers Werner & Mertz cleaning products to distribution points.

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Werner & Mertz was again awarded a prize for social responsibility


In Berlin, the Mainz-based producer of detergents and well-known brands such as Frosch and Erdal was awarded the "Tafelteller" (food bank prize) by the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. (German Federal Food Bank Association) for the second time.

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Werner & Mertz receives international award for exemplary sustainable product design


In New York the Mainz-based company of Werner & Mertz received the international Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Award for its well-known brands FROSCH and green care PROFESSIONAL.

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Frosch (almost) never sleeps


Werner & Mertz welcomed 70 participants in the "First Night of the Manufacturing Industry" to a nocturnal tour of the Mainz production halls.

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Werner & Mertz demands more thought to real material cycles


At the international G7 Workshop in Berlin the Mainz-based company presented its Recyclate Initiative as a best-practice example for Germany. Reinhard Schneider, Managing Partner of the Werner & Mertz Group in Mainz, caused a stir during the G7 Summit Resource Efficiency in Berlin when he called for sweeping waste management legislation as a bold step toward greater sustainability.

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"Solve complex problems in the morning – rock out at night"


The effects of digitalization on the working world was the subject of the 13th forum for youth and trainee representatives (JAV) put on by Rhineland-Palatinate Minister-President Malu Dreyer. At the headquarters of Werner & Mertz, Group CFO Ralph Wenner welcomed the participants and turned over the podium to Personnel Director Stephanie Gabler, who fielded questions from the 180 representatives, including JAV members from Werner & Mertz.

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Sustainability Forum with Sustainability Experts


Werner & Mertz welcomes Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller and Julia Klöckner at CDU event.

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Recyclate Initiative from Werner & Mertz Succeeds in Field Test


FROSCH in rPET bottles wins consumer approval 500,000 times. The focus is on polyethylene packaging.

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FROSCH Natural Cleaning Products to enter U.S.Market


Product Lineup is available for Purchase on

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Barbara Hendricks, Frosch and Recyclable Materials Legislation


The Recyclate Initiative was the subject of discussion for Federal Environment Minister, Werner & Mertz and NABU. The parties spoke about amendments to recyclable materials legislation and ways to put plastic packaging from the Yellow Bag into an effective technical cycle.

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Biodiversity at the front door


Werner & Mertz and NABU Rheinland-Pfalz have landscaped the manufacturer's Mainz site in their joint pursuit of sustainability. After all, biodiversity, like resource conservation and climate protection, is an important part of the company's ecological pillar.

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Werner & Mertz averts shortage of skilled labor


The renowned Mainz company with the well-known brands Frosch and Erdal enters into training partnership with the Steinhöfelschule

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Successful Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz: Girls check out the Frosch


Fifteen schoolgirls had the chance to gain practical experience in male-dominated jobs at the Mainz home of the well-known brands Frosch and Erdal during this year's Girls’ Day on 23 April.

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Sustainable management from Mainz to Aguascalientes


Minister of Economic Affairs Eveline Lemke brings Mexican governor to Werner & Mertz

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Active oxygen works against stubborn stains

17-Dec-2014 - Company-News

Frosch is expanding its assortment of vegan stain removers with a strong stain solvent for all bleachable textiles.

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SAP award for innovative Frosch app

08-Dec-2014 - Company-News

Innovative and high-powered beyond production: The IT department at Werner & Mertz is pleased with the SAP Quality Award for the new Frosch app that gives mobile support to sales reps in the field.

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The most clicks for a natural Frosch product

04-Dec-2014 - Company-News

Frosch Citrus Shower & Bath Cleaner wins the "Hallo Erde" consumer award

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The red frog is an "Attractive Employer"

26-Nov-2014 - Company-News

Minister of Economic Affairs Eveline Lemke and legendary swimmer Dr. Michael Groß honor Werner & Mertz for its exemplary personnel policy.

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The red frog is an "Attractive Employer"

24-Nov-2014 - Company-News

Minister of Economic Affairs Eveline Lemke and legendary swimmer Dr. Michael Groß honor Werner & Mertz for its exemplary personnel policy.

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Federal Ecodesign Award for Frosch Recyclate Initiative

17-Nov-2014 - Company-News

The Mainz-based company Werner & Mertz has received the Federal Ecodesign Award in recognition of its innovative, cross-industry Recyclate Initiative. Reinhard Schneider, the managing partner of Werner & Mertz personally accepted the prize from the Federal Environment Minister.

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Green Day - Werner & Mertz presents its engagement in environmental and sustainability issues

14-Nov-2014 - Company-News

Every year the nationwide Green Day is devoted to career counseling in green occupations. It provides students with the chance to gain insight into companies that have adopted and put into practice a coherent sustainability philosophy. A prime example is the long-established Werner & Mertz of Mainz with its trusted brands Frosch and Erdal. The manufacturer of sustainable dishwashing, cleaning and laundry products opened its doors to two classes from the Steinhöfelschule, a private commercial college in Mainz.

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Top performance by Frosch - Mainz Cleaning Product Brand on Winners' Podium at VDZ Advertising Awards

14-Nov-2014 - Company-News

Erdal-Rex GmbH with its Frosch brand stepped onto the winners' podium three times during the presentation of the "Ads of the Year" awards at this year's Publishers' Summit of the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ). The advertising motif for the Frosch Lemon Scouring Cream won first place twice in the categories "Appeal" and "Activation" and took third place in the category "Branding".

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Special Prize for FROSCH Recyclate Initiative

12-Nov-2014 - Company-News

German Packaging Institute honors Werner & Mertz of Mainz: Werner & Mertz of Mainz has been honored by the German Packaging Institute (DVI) with the Special Prize 2014 for sustainability. The jury of cross-industry experts acknowledged the overall concept of the Recyclate Initiative, whose focus is on recyclable packaging from PET plastic.

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'Tafelteller' food bank award for Werner & Mertz

30-Oct-2014 - Company-News

Günter Scheinkönig, CEO of the Werner & Mertz marketing company Erdal-Rex, has been presented the 2014 'Tafelteller' award of the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. (Federal Association of German Food Banks) for the family-run company's commitment.

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Werner & Mertz introduce themselves to the next generation

22-Sep-2014 - Company-News

What can young people become some day if they start their career under the sign of the red frog? This is precisely the question that was answered at the Werner & Mertz Training Day. More than 250 students from schools of all types found out what was on offer in eight apprenticeship trades, which will be offered once again in 2015 by the manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products for private households and large businesses.

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Frosch is making Japan’s environment happier

12-Sep-2014 - Company-News

Mainz. Environmental protection and a powerful cleaning performance are not mutually incompatible. Werner & Mertz, the long-established Mainz-based company, pursues a sustainability approach with its “Frosch products“ that runs through its entire corporate culture.

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Frosch and REWE win the ECR Award!

09-Sep-2014 - Company-News

MAINZ – Recognition has been given to the Recyclate Initiative, a venture founded by Werner & Mertz with its Frosch brand and partners Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD),
the packaging manufacturer ALPLA, the sorting technology specialist UNISENSOR,
the REWE Group and NABU e.V.

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The scent of winter

08-Aug-2014 - Product-News

Frosch fans choose Ice Flower and Cinnamon Apple as favourite scents for the Frosch Oase air freshener winter edition

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Learning exciting things: training at Werner & Mertz

21-Jul-2014 - Company-News

Longstanding Mainz-based company Werner & Mertz presented its eight interesting training occupations at BIM Rheinhessen, the careers information fair organised at Mainz University of Applied Sciences by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Trade.

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Delicate surfaces? No problem!

10-Jul-2014 - Product-News

Naturally powerful and yet gentle at the same time: the new Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner makes everyday life easier with uncomplicated cleaning power – especially for smooth and delicate surfaces

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EMAS Award for the Best Environmental Team goes to Erdal

28-May-2014 - Company-News

Erdal, a pioneer in sustainability, has taken the EMAS award home to Hallein for the second time since 2011. The 2014 award is for the best environmental team.

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Washing hands can be so beautiful

06-May-2014 - Product-News

Gentle cleansing and an attractive eye-catcher: in keeping with spring’s and summer’s floral trends, the nature-oriented cosmetic line Frosch Reine Pflege is packaging its popular Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn hand care soaps in a decorative design.

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Ground-breaking ceremony at Erdal in Hallein

10-Apr-2014 - Company-News

In the presence of Gerhard Anzengruber, Mayor of Hallein; Konrad Steindl, President of the Economic Chamber of Salzburg; and Manfred Nedoschinsky, Group Managing Director for Product Supply and Development at Erdal, the official ground-breaking ceremony and thus the start of the rebuilding and renovation work at Erdal’s Hallein site has taken place.

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Sustainability scores points: “Frosch” is the most trusted brand yet again

07-Apr-2014 - Company-News

Brand for cleaning products named as “Most Trusted Brand” for the 13th time

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New products in the Frosch sales team’s portfolio: SANTE natural cosmetics for the food retail segment

01-Apr-2014 - Company-News

The Frosch sales team – the sales force for sustainability – is a subsidiary of Erdal-Rex GmbH with its brands Erdal, Frosch, emsal, rorax , ratz fatz, Frosch Oase and Frosch Baby.

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Hands-on impressions for young girls at the Girls' Day

29-Mar-2014 - Company-News

Watch the pros at work and even lend a hand - Werner & Mertz once again allowed a group of young students to gain hands-on experience of what are otherwise regarded as male-dominated professions at this year’s Girls' Day.

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Spring freshness for the home

27-Mar-2014 - Product-News

The new season scents from Frosch Oase air fresheners bring spring into the home.

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Top marks for the Werner & Mertz staff canteen

20-Mar-2014 - Company-News

The meals available in the Werner & Mertz staff canteen are balanced, appetising and varied. This is why WISAG Catering, the responsible canteen service provider, received top marks for the JOB&FIT certificate awarded by the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, DGE).

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Werner & Mertz GmbH: Timothy Glaz Leiter Corporate Affairs

13-Mar-2014 - Company-News

The sustainability initiatives by the Mainz company Werner & Mertz and its well-known pioneering eco-brand Frosch are to be brought even closer to other professionals and the wider public. Since 3 February 2014, this task has been the remit of Timothy Glaz, Head of Corporate Affairs.

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Eco pioneer Frosch among the top 10 in best brands 2014

06-Mar-2014 - Company-News

Frosch, the sustainable eco brand for cleaning products from Werner & Mertz, is one of the top brands in 2014. In the German “best brands” ranking, Frosch made the top 10 in the category “Best growth brand”...

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Werner & Mertz presents its sustainability approach with a new website

27-Feb-2014 - Company-News

Following a relaunch, Werner & Mertz now presents an even clearer and more attractive special Internet site about its sustainability philosophy:

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Werner & Mertz adds short films about biodiversity to its website

06-Feb-2014 - Company-News

Using a variety of short films, the website of Werner & Mertz provides an insight into the company’s extensive efforts towards environmental protection. Amongst other things, the family-run company has taken up the cause of preserving biodiversity, the diversity of species.

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Revolution in Professional Cleaning: green care PROFESSIONAL provides Worldwide the first comprehensive Cleaning and Care Range with the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold Certificate!

29-Jan-2014 - Product-News

Worldwide, at the 17th of December 2013, for the first time, a comprehensive professional cleaning and care range has received the ambitious award Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold.

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Fresh-scented ideas for small spaces

20-Jan-2014 - Product-News

The closet opens and your nose fills with sensuous freshness. As you enter the guest WC, a refined world of fragrance fills the space. A pleasant scent makes you feel comfortable right away.

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A multi-talented player in wooden furniture care

15-Jan-2014 - Product-News

The cottage-style cupboard, grandma’s antique dresser, the one-of-a-kind modern table – wooden furnishings have true character. If nature and sustainability are part of your life philosophy, home accessories made of this natural material are ideal.

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Werner & Mertz product wins over consumers

17-Dec-2013 - Product-News

The Frosch bio spirit glass cleaner has been awarded the “Hallo Erde!” consumer prize, jointly conferred by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis (German Sustainability Award foundation), the Rewe Group and the media partner “Die Welt”.

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Sustainability pioneer reduces waste at the Mainz plant

12-Dec-2013 - Company-News

Family-run company Werner & Mertz, known among other things for its household brands Erdal, Frosch and tana has further reduced the quantity of waste it produces at its Mainz plant.

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Werner & Mertz promotes liberal use of EMAS seal

10-Oct-2013 - Company-News

Werner & Mertz of Mainz, which is known for its Frosch, Erdal and tana brands, advocates more liberal use of the EMAS logo. CEO Reinhard Schneider clarified the company’s interest and intentions during a panel discussion at Werner & Mertz headquarters with former Foreign Minister and Green politician Joschka Fischer and Rolf-Jan Hoeve of the European Commission Directorate-General Environment.

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Pioneering in Europe: Frosch cleaning product with the first Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold certificate!

20-Jun-2013 - Company-News

For the first time in Europe, a product from the cleaning industry – the Frosch Citrus Shower and Bath Cleaner – has received the ambitious award Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold. “Our Frosch brand, the eco-pioneer for more than 25 years, is once again recognized as a leader in sustainability,” Reinhard Schneider, CEO of the family-operated Werner & Mertz, said today.

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