Sales figures say a lot about a product's success.We consider receiving an award for a product from an expert jury or consumers – as we have succeeded in doing for years with our Frosch products and others – a very special sign of confidence. A sign that fills us with pride and encourages us to consistently continue along the sustainable path we have chosen.

German Sustainability Award

For the exemplary implementation of the sustainability concept, in 2009 Werner & Mertz with its Frosch brand was honoured with the prestigious German Sustainability Award in the main category, "Germany’s Most Sustainable Brand".
The jury of the German Sustainability Award praised that for Frosch sustainability was synonymous with binding standards along the entire value chain in the areas of ecology, economy and social issues. Since its launch in 1986 the Frosch brand had stood for environmental sustainability at the product brand level and was therefore an "eco-pioneer" in the laundry detergent and household cleaners industry.

German Packaging Award in Gold

For its innovative bottles of 100% HDPE recyclates recovered from the Yellow Bag, Werner & Mertz received the German Packaging Award in the Sustainability category and also in Gold in September 2016. The jury praised the pioneering work as genuine recycling and conservation of finite resources and the production of bottles which look almost identical to those made with virgin material. Special mention was made of the way the original appearance and quality of the bottles had been maintained without compromising product safety. In cooperation with the bottle manufacturer Alpla-Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG and the Green Dot, Werner & Mertz developed for its cleaning products the world's first bottle made of 100% recycled plastic obtained from the Yellow Bag collection system.

Most Trusted Brand

Most Trusted Brand
In 2016 for the 15th consecutive time, the readers of Reader's Digest magazine have chosen the Frosch brand as the Most Trusted Brand among cleaning products in Germany.

In the pan-Europe survey, conducted for the first time by the research institution Dialego on behalf of Reader's Digest, consumers named the Frosch brand the most trusted brand among household cleaners.

ZEIT WISSEN Award "Encouraging Sustainability" for Werner & Mertz

For exemplary, unfailing engagement in sustainability issues, our company was given the ZEIT WISSEN Award in the category "Action" in March 2016. A company earns its customers' trust when it consistently considers sustainability in business decisions. That's the trust which the Frosch brand and the SME Werner & Mertz have persistently worked towards over the past 30 years as a European sustainability pioneer. The ZEIT WISSEN Award "Encouraging Sustainability" recognizes pioneers who make a substantial contribution to sustainable development.

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Award

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Award
Werner & Mertz received the international Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Award for its well-known brands FROSCH and green care PROFESSIONAL in New York on 16 November 2015.Winners of the respected international award are selected by a jury of internal and external experts affiliated with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a non-profit organization with headquarters in San Francisco. The Innovator Award recognizes companies that manage their production in closed loops according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle in order to achieve maximum sustainability. Companies so honored are considered pioneers in their industries.

Federal Ecodesign Award for Frosch Recyclate Initiative

Federal Ecodesign Award for Frosch Recyclate Initiative
Werner & Mertz received the Federal Ecodesign Award in recognition of its innovative, cross-industry Recyclate Initiative on 17 November 2014. The German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) jointly honored the trusted Frosch brand for its process of recovering high-quality PET granules from the Yellow Bag household waste system for use in the manufacture of transparent PET packaging for cleaning products and detergents. The new bottles made of up to 40 percent mixed PET waste are sustainable and still recognizable in their familiar design.

Special Prize for Frosch Recyclate Initiative

Special Prize for Frosch Recyclate Initiative
Werner & Mertz of Mainz was honored by the German Packaging Institute (DVI) with the Special Prize 2014 for sustainability on 12 November 2014. The jury of cross-industry experts praised the overall concept of the Recyclate Initiative, whose focus is on recyclable packaging from PET plastic.

Frosch Recyclate Initiative wins the ECR Award

ECR Award
Werner & Mertz founded the successful Recyclate Initiative with its Frosch brand and its partners Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD), the packaging manufacturer ALPLA, the sorting technology specialist UNISENSOR, the REWE Group and NABU e.V. On 9 September 2014 in Nuremberg the ECR Award 2014 was given to the Recyclate Initiative

Green Ribbon 2012 for tana

The Professional division of Werner & Mertz is equally committed to sustainability. The tana green care products, for example, also satisfy professional large-scale users’ high expectations of cleanliness and hygiene. To further encourage the sustainability activities of committed companies, in 2012 the Huss Media Group launched the Green Ribbon award. Huss publishes trade journals for the hotel and catering industries. Almost fifty companies competed for a placing. Werner & Mertz particularly emphasised its commitment to cutting its CO2

Other recent awards for Werner & Mertz

EMAS Award Austria
GREEN BRANDS Germany and Austria
Grand Prix ESSEC France
Cradle to Cradle Gold CM CM

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