Environmental Management according to EMAS

Business and the environment have to go hand in hand and they can do that with EMAS.  With the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), companies can make an effective contribution to environmental protection, save money and demonstrate social responsibility.

EMAS promotes the circular economy and ensures that a company can optimize and manage its potential environmental impact. EMAS is said to be the world’s most demanding system for sustainable environmental management.

All organizations interested in improving their environmental performance can participate, regardless of their size or the industry in which they work.

The Werner & Mertz Environmental Management system in Manz has been EMAS validated since 2003 and in Hallein since 2005. Every year an audit of the system is conducted by an accredited and independent environmental auditor. In addition, Werner & Mertz is required to publish an Environmental Statement in which we transparently report on our progress and our goals related to our environmental and energy performance.

What makes EMAS particularly demanding is that all Werner & Mertz employees are involved in the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and can make their own contributions.

We think it necessary to make product and manufacturing related information more accessible to the public. Therefore, we work to make EMAS better known as a seal for an environmentally aware value chain for production and products.

“With EMAS, the most extensive and demanding environmental certification, we can prove how rigorously our sustainability philosophy is actually practiced in our company. The reputation of EMAS serves to deepen the trust our customers have in our products. EMAS is not a static condition but rather a path or a process. The longer you stay on the EMAS path, the greater your environmental engagement will be.“

Reinhard Schneider, managing partner of the family company Werner & Mertz