Service & Logistics

The company Werner & Mertz Service & Logistik (S&L), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Werner & Mertz GmbH, is responsible for the storage and distribution of our high-quality brand articles and for supplying our Production department with primary materials.

Logistically short distances and excellent transport services are made possible by the company‘s modern, compact factory. Production halls, a high-bay warehouse, and an order picking and shipping building are integrated on the Mainz premises.

Production building L8

A fully automated conveyer system links Production with the warehouse and the picking and shipping areas of Logistics Center 1. Also fully automated, the high-bay warehouse there is equipped with about 18,000 pallet  bays. The average stay for a pallet is 18 to 20 days. The company’s commitment to the environment is reflected in the green roof on the high-bay warehouse.

Sustainability requirements apply to the distribution of goods too. In 2012 S&L became yet another EMAS-certified company in the Werner & Mertz Group. That means the numerous environmental activities of S&L are bundled to a recognized high standard.