05.06.2023 - Mainz - Company-News

Frosch brand again named “Most Trusted Brand” in 2023

“Quality“ and “Environmental Protection“ are major criteria for consumers

Frosch is and continues to be by far the most trusted brand in the household cleaner category, according to German consumers. That’s the result from the annual Trusted Brands Study conducted by Reader’s Digest. Thirty-eight percent of consumers surveyed said that they personally trust the Frosch brand most and would recommend Frosch to friends and family. The trust in the ecological brand from the Mainz family company Werner & Mertz has grown even more.

In 2023 Frosch was named “Most Trusted Brand” for the 22nd time in a row. Since its founding in 1986, the brand has stood for ecological and high performance cleaning products, as confirmed again by the study. When questioned about the criteria on which their trust is based, participating consumers named “quality” first (70%), closely followed by “environmental protection” (69%).

Source: Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2023 Germany, Institut: Dialego Aachen, Datenbasis 2023: Total = 4.000 Befragte ab 18 Jahre, Basis Haushaltsreiniger = 2.819 Nennungen, Neues Studienkonzept ab 2016 - Copyright Chart: Werner & Mertz

Proven brands make consumers feel secure

Well-known brands like Frosch give consumers a sense of security. “The war on the eastern edge of Europe and possible bottlenecks in energy supplies have led to worries about the future,” says Andreas Karl, Managing Director of Reader’s Digest Deutschland: Verlag Das Beste GmbH. “Consequently, consumers seek clear orientation and put their trust in proven brands.”

About the Trusted Brands Study

For more than 20 years, Reader’s Digest has ascertained the brand trust of German consumers in its annual survey. The Trusted Brands study examines which brands enjoy especially high levels of trust in Germany. It is unique in that consumers name the brands without any prompts, that is, they are not given a list from which to choose. The consumers alone say which brands they trust most. On behalf of Reader’s Digest, the Institut Dialego in Aachen conducted an online survey in January and February 2023 with 4,000 persons in Germany who were deemed representativie of the country’s adult (more than 18 years old) population.