29.09.2022 - Mainz - Company-News

German Packaging Award for Werner & Mertz Innovation

The Mainz company and its cooperation partner Berry developed the first spray head for the circular economy

Recently put on the market and already an award winner! For its new spray head, Werner & Mertz has received the German Packaging Award 2022 in the Sustainability category. Incredibly lightweight and completely recyclable with the very first mechanical components made of post-consumer recyclate, the innovative spray head developed by the Mainz detergent and cleaning products manufacturer and Berry Global sets a new recycling standard. The awards ceremony took place during the trade show Fachpack in Nuremberg.

“The circular economy is a challenge when it comes to complex functional parts such as spray heads,” according to the evaluation by the jury of representatives from business, research and academia. “These contain many individual parts that must be precisely coordinated with each other. The complex technical requirements are usually solved using different materials. Werner & Mertz and Berry Global have succeeded through consistent design in developing a spray head that is made of over 97% PP. At the same time, it is 18% lighter on average than the market standard. The functional parts have a post-consumer recycled content of 29%. It is noteworthy that the design compensates for the drawbacks of the PCR material, so that the customer can use it just as easily. The screwable spray head also means that the spray bottle is refillable.”

Rafi Leikam and Richard Janda, Packaging Developers at Werner & Mertz; Patrick Schmidt, Head of Design Central Europa at Berry Global; and Heiko Kresse, Sales Director Homecare & Industry at Berry Global, accepted the German Packaging Award 2022 in the Sustainability category. Photo Copyright: dvi, Fotograf Hans-Martin Issler

For consumers and cleaning professionals

Together the two companies managed to create a highly durable spray head that uses as little material as possible with the maximum amount of recyclates. The modular construction of the system with different nozzle options ensures convenient spraying and foaming of the cleaning product.

All cleaning product bottles for the brands Frosch, Green Care Professional and Tana Professional will be equipped successively with the innovative spray head. Consumers and professional cleaners are thus offered a powerful spray head that conserves resources and protects the environment.

“Once again we have shown that it is possible to overcome the normal hurdles in the development of FMCG packaging components and implement genuinely innovative solutions for a functioning circular economy. Our partner Berry Global took on this challenge and, together with us, pushed the envelope in packaging development. This spray head truly sets a new standard!“, says Immo Sander, Head of Packaging Development at Werner & Mertz.

“We are very proud that Werner & Mertz chose us as a dependable development partner for this extraordinary project and are deloighted that our expertise and sustainability know-how have been recognized in this way by the packaging industry,“ says Vincent Clauzel, EVP Berry CPI. “This important joint development of a trigger platform underscores our commitment to creating packaging solutions that maximize the many advantages of plastic while ensuring that the packaging can play a valuable role in the circular economy.”

Nominated for the WorldStar Packaging Award

Thirty-eight innovations from six countries took the top places in the competition organized by the German Packaging Institute (dvi) for the best solutions in packaging. The award recipients at the largest European showcase for packaging achievements were honored in 10 categories. The winners are from Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Austria, Sweden and Ukraine.

“If you want to see outstandingly creative and intelligent packaging innovations, look no further than the winners of the German Packaging Award. It is extremely remarkable that the companies in our industry have not allowed the adversities caused by COVID-19, the energy crisis and supply chain problems to get in the way of their innovative and creative power,” says Dr Bettina Horenburg, dvi board member.

All the winners of the German Packaging Award are nominated automatically for the WorldStar Award from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).