Werner & Mertz supports the #Zusammenland Campaign

Together we set an example with our opposition to populism, discrimination and right-wing extremism.

Werner & Mertz supports the nationwide campaign #Zusammenland – Diversity makes us strong! initiated by the well-known publishing houses Die Zeit, Handelsblatt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, WirtschaftsWoche and the media company Ströer. With more than 500 other companies, foundations and associations, we take a stand against populism, discrimination and right-wing extremism in Germany and commit ourselves to freedom, diversity and a welcoming culture.

The initiators and participating partners agree:

“Open-mindedness, respect and community are values that make Germany a liveable and an economically strong country. We therefore stand together for an open country that faces difficulties with courage.”

The campaign began on 15 February 2024 with two-page spreads in newspapers and digital outdoor ads across the country. Since them, the campaign motifs have appeared in newspapers, in public spaces and on social media sites.

Diversity makes us strong!

Werner & Mertz is a company that takes a clear stance. That means we assume responsibility and keep our word. As an international company, we promote diversity among our employees and create a diversified working environment in which all can develop to their full potential. Our employees come from 27 different countries. With a holistic view of people, we ensure equal opportunity and take a stand against discrimination. Therefore, we encourage (potential) trainees with our participation in the StartPlus Program and the Initiative “Preventing apprentices from dropping out” (VerA) by the Senior Experten Service (German only).

We are guided by our values of openness, discipline and trust and live by them. For diversity brings ideas. Diversity brings us together. Diversity makes us strong! We are proud to be a part of the  #Zusammenland campaign. Only when we work together can we master the challenges of our times and shape a future worth living.

Sustainability and democracy are closely connected

The close link between democracy and sustainability was the subject taken up by Reinhard Schneider, owner of Werner & Mertz, and Dr. Katharina Reuter, Managing Director of the federal association Nachhaltige Wirtschaft (BNW), in the third live-talk of the Confident Cohort (Die Zuversichtlichen). Entitled “How much sustainability does democracy need? How can companies shape the future?”  the talk explored what democratic means can be used to implement sustainability and how we as a society can once again come together. Companies play an important part in maintaining democracy. The campaign #Zusammenland – Diversity makes us strong! shows how important it is that companies are aware of their Corporate Political Responsibility and that they assume responsibility and take a position.

In the end, the demarcation to populism is a matter of survival. The task at hand is “building communication bridges that people want to cross.” A company that counts on feasible sustainable solutions in the long term helps to strengthen basic trust in society and generate confidence.